West Coast Swing Tutorials

WCS – Playing with Sugar Push and Left Side Pass – FUN

Michael Kielbasa Workshop –  Tuck with Sweep, Barrel Roll

Michael Kielbasa Workshop – Footwork Starter Step and Anchor Step Variations

Michael Kielbasa Workshop – Whip Variation, R Side Slingshot

WCS Inside Whip, Salsa Tuck, Hair Brush Whip and Pop-Out Tuck

WCS – Same Side Whip with Diva Moment

WCS 2 – Cape and Illusion Turn, L side inside roll with scoopy-loop

WCS 2 – Sugar Roll to Closed, Tuck Turn Exit with Pop-Out

WCS 2 – L-L Whip with Hair Brush

WCS 2 – Sugar Push Playing with Angles Tutorial

WCS 2 – Sugar Push Playing with Angles Quick Demo

WCS 2 – Big Arm R-R, Throwaway/Pick-up Whip, Twisty Tuck

WCS 2 – Starter Step, R Side Exit, Sugar Tuck, Sugar Roll

WCS 2 – R Side Pass with Outside Roll, Inside Whip with Head Loop & Outside Exit

WCS 2 – Move Recognition on 1, Tucks, R Side Pass with softened arm

WCS 2 – Left side pass pickup to closed, Closed Whip

WCS 2 – Counting in Quicks & Slows, Prepping for R & L spins, Spins with Slows

WCS 2 – Adding 2 Beats to Basics

WCS 3 – Starter Step, Sugar Push U-Turn end R-R, Inside Whip with Loop

WCS 3 – Tai Chi Passing Tuck, Hip Catch, Whip Ending, Whip with Hip Catches