At this time of year, I want to reach out to all of you with a heartfelt message of gratitude.

It has been my honor and joy to share my love of dance with you over the past 12 years.  Thank you for taking my classes. Thank you for coming to the dances. Thank you for becoming my friends and such a rich part of my life. Without all of you, the community we created around dance would not have been possible.

I sincerely hope that social dancing in the greater Wenatchee area continues to thrive under the leadership of Jen, Bob, Scott, and so many others whom I don’t want to list for fear of accidentally omitting someone.

As you may know, I am moving to Portland. I will come back regularly and hope to visit and dance with many of you when I do. Regardless, you will all live on in my heart and memories.

May the New Year bring all of us much joy, peace and love. Your friend on and off the dance floor…Carole