We are moving our Saturday night dances to the Wenatchee Eagles, on Wenatchee Avenue across from the Red Lion Hotel. The Eagles are excited to have us there and being there offers many advantages for us. There will be no cover charge for the dance unless the Eagles has a special function, i.e., a live band, going on that evening. However, we will be asking for the usual $3 donation from those who drink nothing but water. If you’re purchasing food and/or drinks, don’t feel obligated to donate.

You do not need to be a member to attend the occasional dance, but if you’re not a member, you’ll have to be signed in as a guest of a member. If you sign in too often as a guest, you may be asked to join the Eagles, which costs either $35 (women) or $50 (men) annually (don’t quote me on those numbers). An Eagles member of either sex can sign in their spouse indefinitely.

The dance is from 7:30-11:00 pm. Carole will DJ the first half-hour; the Eagles’ regular DJ will start at 8pm.

Carole will teach a beginning Salsa lesson at 7pm ($2 donation still applies).